Thursday, April 4, 2013

Succulent cutting sprout

Some exciting news, previously I had a very peculiar succulent that I still don't know what species it is, had one of the leaves pop off.

I read that in this circumstance of it being popped off the stem and left in warm sunny temperatures in a week or so it will form roots to replant itself.

Well, it successfully popped out some roots last summer on my window sill after a week and a half. I planted it in the rim of the Madagascar Palm. Since it doesn't take much space.

I got to thinking. But how long until it starts looking like the plant I propagated from? Every night for the last month and a half I've been misting the Madagascar Palm and the propagated pieces of cactus that have been forming roots while giving at least 6 hours of very close exposure to a plant light (4" from the top of my Madagascar)

Anyway I was looking at that same little leaf this morning and it sprouted a little stem!! Hopefully when it's not colder than 65 degrees F out at night I can put it outside for more sun!

Here's the picture though.

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