Saturday, February 25, 2012


Last summer I went on a trip to Arizona, again. We visited several places.

The Grand Canyon

I had never been there before so it was a decent experience. Except for camping. screaming children, generators all night.. I cant call it "camping."  We slept under the stars in the back of the truck.

Montezuma's Castle

Which looks incredibly fake. They 'restored' it some years ago, by the time I took this picture. But as you can see, the coloration of the restoration is not at all the same colors.

I was very disappointed.


We stopped in, we took a scenic route through the mountains :) which made me happy. We were getting information on winerys and things to do or hotels etc etc. places to eat. Seems that Sedona is very uppity. Like Highlands Ranch, or like Miami. However that is at first glance.

Not so sure about all the "mystics" and "supernatural healing" but I knew I did want to check out the 'Vortices'. But we were looking for somewhere to sleep before everything got dark.

I had got some pretty pictures though.

Lowell Observatory

Went on a couple tours there. They had this layout that they spent a lot of money on to give you a visual of the distance of the Planets.. Which the examples of the planets were just put in, right before they declared Pluto wasnt a planet.. Mr. Lowell would be Pissed!

My Favorite Places was this Cactus gardens Store just outside of Jerome, AZ. I cant find it on the map, or in any listings, but they let me take pictures of the cacti in bloom and the gardens area. I would have bought some but the plants would have had to travel several miles in a truck.
Coral Cacti
Water lily pond
Brain cactus
Inside the Gardens

Outside the gardens
Golden Barrel - Approx. 20 Years old (right)


Teddy Bear

Just right outside City limits Jerome, AZ Exiting the Gardens

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