Sunday, February 26, 2012

Silver Arrows Cactus-Mammillaria Nejapensis

Mammillaria Nejapensis

Far Right: Silver Arrow in Bloom
Back Center: Redheaded Irishman
Front Left: Rebutia miniscula
  My First Flowering Cacti in Captive.

Which if you've had the pleasure as a cacti owner, in my studies it says its rare to see such a sight and exciting too!

What it means
You're doing the right thing! Giving it enough Light and water, etc etc!!
Silver Arrows Budding

 I have two Silver Arrow Cacti
Which I have yet to post follow up pictures of the first one (top picture), it had a growth spurt after flowering, My second one is now in the process of flowering. See picture to the right and below ^_^
Silver Arrows Budding

 Sub-Species (ssp.):  Karwinskiana

Similar Species: Ferrocactus Histrix

Origin:  Oaxaca city, Mexico
Light:  Part Shade
Water:  Moderate once a week to every two weeks in shorter daylight hours

  Some good websites for information:

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Owl Eye-Mammillaria Nejapensis


  1. Hello, I just picked up a silver arrow and a thimble cactus. They are pretty neat and feisty. Glad to see that you have buds and flowers.

  2. Glad to see the blooms. I just picked up a silver arrow cactus and a thimble cactus. We will see how they turn out!