Thursday, April 19, 2012

Denver Botanic Gardens

Today I went to the botanic gardens to explore. And its a rather large place, I will have to go again and get more pictures. I freaked out when I saw they had a larger Cacti section, I'm excited to see if they have more..

There are a lot of pictures, I will have to upload some at a later time.
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Red Barrel Cactus

Other Variety of Succulents


Some type of  Black Beetle Definitely a pest of this succulent

Another Black Beetle

Center is a Madagascar Palm

Madagascar palm and other Succulents

A Flowering Succulent

Another Black Beetle

Zebra Hawthoria top center

Two Golden Barrels (size of basket balls)

Add caption

Prickley Pear

Brain Cactus'

Some Prickley Pear Variety

Another Prickley Pear Variety


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