Sunday, April 29, 2012

Repotting Madagascar Palm

So I took a trip out to Las Vegas, and I was gone a week and watered all my Cactus before I left. I came home to find that my Madagascar Palm has grown an inch! >> 
The bright green at the top is new growth

The root is exposed and cracked

Drake got a bit Curious what I was doing.. He had to sniff things out.

My cat Drake and the Madagascar Palm
So I replanted it again from the 6" brown clay Terra-cotta pot to a 12" red terra-cotta pot.I dripped a few drops of fertilizer on it and sprayed it. Its good to give it a soaking, I put it in the bath tub to drain out before I put it back. If you re-pot, especially a leafy plant and you spray it, never place in the sun after, the beads of water act as a magnifying glass and burn the plant.

Much to my surprise that this Madagascar Palm had so much of a growth spurt the roots were extending out the bottom hole of the pot. Although there was still moisture in the soil so not all of the root ball was in tact :(

After the replant I soak throughout and let drain in bathtub

I put soil up to the spikes on this palm to prevent further damage (which before I was unaware that the root was exposed.) So we will see how happy my palm turns with this larger pot. 

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