Thursday, July 5, 2012


I've gotten the 10 year old saguaro seeds to pop up. Ad they've surprisingly grown quite a bit for seedlings. Understandable given they are a mojave native.

Saguaros are one of the slowest growing species of cacti known. Along with joshua trees they are commonly classified as centennial cacti, although Joshua Trees are actually a type of succulent.

Most often at ten years old a Saguaro is about 2 feet high, barely recognizably differenciated from Fire Barrels, a type cousin of Golden barrel.

For a sauguaro to bloom it must hit Past centennial age. For this reason that it is one of the rare plants that can survive the extreme consistant heat and desolation of the Mohave, is the reason why it is illegal to take saguaros from their habitat unless distributed by an authorized dealer, generally by seed form.

Saguaros are a idealized imagry of the American West.

Reaching several stories in height and sprouting out arm like extensions. Often due to the size animals who have aclimatized to the Mohave often make holes in Saguaro for a cool nest out of the blazing heat.

When Saguaros die they leave a bark like exterior looking like a skeleton.

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