Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Joshua Tree- Yucca Brevifolia

Joshua Tree Seeds
White Tip
White tip Pointed down into soil
Push into soil firm soil

They are almost like watermelon seeds

just deep enough to be right under the surface

Cover in thin layer of soil

Gently but Firmly Pack soil on top

Thoroughly Spray with water
Add Thin Layer of Sand and Spray with water
I then placed a container on the bottom and every few days then have been spraying and filling the container with 2 inches of water until it soaks in and then filling again about 3 times (this will vary depending on your pot size), and cover the 3 seeds in a clear tub (which I bought at walmart) and I placed it in a southern facing window (I'm in Colorado so it doesn't get as hot as the Mohave, but it will get toasty during the day) it needs to get to about 80-90 F. 
first sprouted Joshua Tree

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